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Curriculum Vitae

243 Rodi Road                                                                                          (412) 916-7200

Pittsburgh, PA 15235                                                                     


EDUCATION:      University of Pittsburgh

Ph.D., Cultural and Critical Studies

Earned:  April 2008


Master of Arts, Literature, 3.9

Focus: Film and Variations in Literary Formats and Genres   

Earned: April 2002

Bachelor’s Degree, Film Studies, cum laude, 3.3

Focus: Film Theory, Production, and Religious Studies

                                    Earned:  December 1997


TEACHING EXPERIENCE:         University of Pittsburgh, English Department

                                                            Visiting Lecturer (Fall 2008 – April 2009)

Composition: Writing Center (Summer 2004); General Writing (Fall 2000, Spring 2001)

Composition and Film: Seminar in Composition: Film (Spring 2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2006, Fall 2005); General Writing: Film (Summer 2002 – 6 Week Advanced Course, Spring 2002, Fall 2001)

Film:  Intro to Film (Spring 2005); Intro to Film (Spring 2004); Intro to Film (Fall 2004); Intro to Film (Spring 2003); Film Analysis (Summer 2003); Intro to Film (Fall 2003)

Religion: Bible as Literature, Teaching Assistant (Fall 2002)

Cultural Studies: Intro to Popular Culture (Fall 2008)

Literature: Science Fiction Literature (Fall 2008, Spring 2009)


Point Park University, Digital Cinema Department

Assistant Professor (Fall 2003 – Spring 2005)

Film History: International Cinema History (Spring 2005);

American Cinema History (Fall 2003, Fall 2004)

Film Theory: Intro to Film (Spring 2004)


University of Pittsburgh, Upward Bound Program

Grammar and Composition: English (Summer 2001, Summer 2000)

History: African-American History (Summer 2000)


LANGUAGES:                                 Certified reading knowledge of Spanish.

                                                            Certified reading knowledge of French.

                                                            Some reading knowledge of Hebrew.


COMPUTER PROGRAMS:          Have a strong command of both Premiere and Final

Cut Pro editing software; and proficient with both IBM and Macintosh software and hardware.


AWARDS & GRANTS:                 K. Leroy Irvis Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2006   - 2007

Teaching Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2002-2006

                                                            Teaching Assistantship, University of Pittsburgh, 2000-2002

Multi-Cultural Arts Initiative Grant, Pittsburgh Foundation, 1997 (for the production of the student film Traces; also received honorary funding from the Eat’n Park Corporation and Kuntu Repertory Theatre for the same production)

Renaissance News Young Achiever Award, 1996 (for writing the stage play Traces at 23-years-old)

Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Emerging Artist Award, 1994 (for the production of the student film Cipher)


AFFILIATIONS:                              Founding Member and Faculty Advisor for The Sprocket Guild, a certified student organization at the University of Pittsburgh and Point Park University, committed to the enhancement of student film in the Pittsburgh community.  Begun in 2000, The Sprocket Guild has been responsible for the completion of Traces, and The Steal Phantom, and Dick Montana: A Clip Full of Vengeance among other films. The Sprocket Guild has already sponsored internships at New Perspective, Production Masters, Inc., and glyph, inc., and continues to provide college students with the opportunity to receive training from media professionals while working on both professional and non-professional sets.


                                                            Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Member




Freelance Videographer, AKF Video Tech Services, Pittsburgh, PA, May 2001 – Present

  • Travel around metropolitan Pittsburgh area in order to videotape legal depositions for various lawyers and legal firms.

  • Record and videotape simultaneously a master tape and a dub for the purposes of trial playback.

  • Responsible for playback of videotape during live courtroom proceedings.


President and CEO, Panopticon Multimedia, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, Fall 2003 – 2009

  • Designed and currently oversee the curriculum for a student intern program that trains high school and college age students in the student film and video-making process at every level from conception to production, to post-production and marketing.

  • Hired and trained contractors for various production jobs, ranging from videography and editing, to acting and voice-over narration.

  • Developed interactive web media for Steel City Financial and edited programming for Bruno Sammartino; also developed a documentary for The Sarah Heinz House, the largest after school program of its kind in the United States.

  • Negotiated intern placement with local production companies including Production Masters, Inc., Flipside Media, and New Perspective, and AKF Videotech Services.

  • Worked with the Hill House Association on a historical documentary about The Hill District, featuring a host of important members of the Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania community, including Franco Harris and Governor Ed Rendell.


Writer/Director/Producer, Hill House Association, Pittsburgh, PA, Dec. 2005 – Fall 2008

  • Conceptualized and developed a narrative outline for a 60 minute video accounting for the collective history of both the Hill House and the Irene Kaufmann settlement.

  • Hired and trained interns and assistants for the purposes of organizing and coordinating interviews, orchestrating all-calls, providing videography and grip support on set, and shooting and editing an adjacent behind-the-scenes production.

  • Interviewed dozens of Talent on camera in order to facilitate performances that would propel the narrative without relying totally on the voice-over script that I also wrote.

  • Oversaw the selection process for hundreds of images and graphics utilized in this piece, provided primarily by the Carnegie Museum and the Heinz History Center.

  • Edited the digital offline cut of the production from over 25 hours of footage using Final Cut Pro.


Screening Supervisor, Community Media, Pittsburgh, PA, May 2001 – Aug. 2001/May 2002 – Aug. 2002

  • Hired and trained various interns to participate on the production team.

  • Managed at least two of these interns per screening as they would accompany me to various Pittsburgh locations in order to set up community screenings.

  • Set up the screening equipment and served as a contact person between the organization holding the event and Community Media.

  • Trouble-shot any technical difficulties that might arise during a screening – most of which were outside, and in unpredictable conditions.


Assistant Manager, Blockbuster Video, Pittsburgh, PA, May 1999 - June 2000/June 2001- Aug. 2001

  • Responsible for opening and closing store, managing staff, and training new employees.

  • Provided customer service, placed new product orders, and maintained daily financial records of store transactions.

  • Analyzed and verified inventory and authorized payroll and bookkeeping.


Camera Operator, Cornerstone Television, Wall, PA, July 1999 - January 2000

  • Videotaped both live and pre-recorded cable television programs for broadcast on international network, WPCB.  These programs include:  Sportsweek, Origins, Getting Together, and the Telly Award-winning A Nickol’s Worth.


Writer/Director/Producer, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, Nov. 1996 – March 1997

  • Created and promoted the film production Traces.

  • Revised the screenplay, conducted casting sessions, auditioned actors, hired crew, and directed all set activities.   

  • Edited dailies, supervised Avid promotional cut and marketed film to local companies for funding.

  • Designed budget with Epstein, Tabor & Schorr.


Equipment Office Assistant, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Pittsburgh, PA, Winter 1994 - Fall 1996 

  • Assisted students regarding photography, video editing, film shooting, and processing.

  • Aided classroom instructors as a camera operator and projectionist.


Television Production Technician, Georgia Tech Video Programs, Atlanta, GA, Fall 1994

  • Videotaped classes for off-campus graduate engineering students utilizing VHS cameras and switchers to shoot and edit simultaneously.





Community Relations Intern, Eat’n Park Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, Summer 1996

  • Designed spreadsheets and grids tracing the demographic commitment of the company to various categories of community involvement.

  • Assisted corporate officers in fundraising campaigns and advertising endeavors.


Marketing Representative, The Walt Disney Company, Pittsburgh, PA, Fall 1995 - Fall 1996

  • Developed creative marketing strategies for the University of Pittsburgh, Point Park College, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, and Robert Morris College regarding all Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, and Disney Film releases including Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, and Mr. Holland’s Opus.


Grip/Production Assistant, Production Masters Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, Fall 1993 - Summer 1994

  • Worked with lighting and production equipment on local television commercials, industrial videos, and cable television programs.

  • Credited on The Unexpected and Uncommon Beauty in Common Objects with Ms. Ruby Dee.

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