About Us

Small Classroom School

Only 20 minutes from Washington, PA (travel 70 West), 20 minutes away from Wheeling, WV (travel 70 East), and less than a mile off the interstate Exit 1, Kleine Klasse is in a safe small town setting with plenty of space outside to enjoy.  Nearby, includes a basketball court and play area. Also, Kleine Klasse is just minutes away from Cabelas and the Highlands.  Parents can be sure of a comfortable environment for their child to learn, while they wait or shop.

Our professional faculty members all have a passion for students to retain knowledge to a level of confidence that allows for them to enjoy learning.

We are in agreement that a small classroom learning environment is the best practice in education, and although technology and other learning tools can be helpful at times, there is nothing like the sparkle in the eyes of a student when they comprehend the material presented.

We believe that each person is unique and has a specific purpose for their life as God has armed them with gifts.  Cookie cutter approaches will not suffice for our students to reach their full potential.  We service students from kindergarten to adults, learning never ends.