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Gary A. Jackson, Sr.

3001 Windsong Ln, #202

Canonsburg, PA 15317

(412) 403-3080



  • BA- Business Admin, Morrison College, Reno, NV

  • Managerial Sciences- University of Nevada-Reno, Reno, NV

  • AA- Liberal Arts, Walla Walla Community College, Walla Walla, WA

  • Accounting- Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN



  • Kleine Klasse Schule, LLC- COO/CIO/Co- Administrator- Organization of a 501-c3 focusing on STEM/STEAM programming with the ability to provide domestic & international students diplomas and apprenticeships.

    • Designing of technology, engineering and art programming to aid in the development of the Online Interactive School.

    • Assist in the Day to Day operations of the school decision making.

  • CMIT Wexford Acquisition- Assisted Reliable Technologies, LLC with the purchase of a training in Austin, TX, and the business operations for 8 months

  • CMIT Franchise, by helping the owner get eligible for financing, attend the corporate training in Austin, TX, and the business operations for 8 months

    • A technology Managed Services Provider (MSP)

    • Ran Payroll

    • Follow-up Assistance

  • Smart Village, Smart Grid, Smart Infrastructure- The theory and the GOAL is to revitalize old industrial towns and “Brownfield” properties into “Self-Sustaining” communities by the use of the Alternative Energy and existing resources.

    • Solar, Windmills, Geothermal, Hydro-power, Battery Storage, Carbon Capture Storage and a Fiber Backbone with a Network Operating Center.

    • Organic and Sustainable Farming Solutions.


Selected Accomplishments

  • Successfully negotiates the sale of a $1.9 &$2.1 Million Wireless Network Infrastructure for Pittsburgh & Cleveland respectively for Sprint/Clearwire (and consulted on a number of other cities)

  • Designed and number of the IP Infrastructure for a number Start-up ISP’s during the .Com Boom.

  • One of pioneers of selling “Dark Fiber” and “Neutral Collocation” throughout the US.

  • Built- out the Pittsburgh Market as a Senior Sales Executive for a Start-up IP Based Soft Switch Telecom company.

  • Help develop and IP  Software Based Solution to eliminate an ISP’s need for PRI’s

  • By understanding the importance of “Radius Servers” was able to improve the Network Performance of a number of ISP’s and help lay the groundwork for SIP Origination and Termination

  • I have consistently been able to reduce my customers’ operational costs by 25% yearly and 45% in some cases.

  •  Studied various underperforming corporate productivity standards and worked with the associates & engineers to make it proper adjustments. The result made the Associates work smarter and provide a framework to increase morale.

  • Manage to 100+ Associates within one department and increase the department’s productivity by 30%.

  • During a company expansion opened two New Locations on the West Coast and assisted in correcting the inventory issues of an existing location.

  • Assumed the role a Contracted Sales Vice President for a company that released their sales VP and successfully grew their customer base 100% in the SIP or Telecom Trunking Market.

  •  Formally recognized for outstanding performance and scored the highest of other Executives and recognized by Target stores to become a store manager within my first year of employment.

  •  Developed a reputation as a person that can listen to an Entrepreneur and develop a strategy to build their customer base.

  • Complete understanding of the “Corporate Social Responsibility” and how a company/corporation can use to make a Positive Impact in their communities and to the environment.

  • Spearheaded a Quality Team Development to empower the Associates to improve their work environment which increase their productivity by 50%.

  • Recipient of the top Deale for NTT/Verio and won a trip to Cabo

  • Participated in numerous Fundraising Events and Chaired Committees for Cystic Fibrosis, Cribs for Kids, Chamber of Commerce, Purchasing Counsel and Pancreatic Cancer


Executive leadership

  • Support the Board and the Executive Committee by providing strategic direction based on knowledge of operating business issues, competitive analysis and broader market research data

  • Demonstrate imagination, insight, boldness to present challenges that bring out the best in people and bring them together around a shared sense of purpose

  • Create a highly dynamic work environment that facilitates innovation and continuous improvement

  • Convey the “ big picture” thinking strategically throughout the organization empowering employees to produce beyond expectation results

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